Sunday, November 4, 2007

getting the party started

if you're reading this, it means you have received one of my letters. lucky you. but seriously, know that your support- your prayers- are very much aprreciated. i can't thank you, i think you should know the reason that i created this blog.

it seems logical, as i consider myself a writer (though not a very good one), to write about what is going on in my heart and head and life throughout this process. and considering the age we live in, what better way to keep you updated on the "going-on's" than by posting it on the world wide web for everyone to see?

also, i think it's important that, if you are supporting me financially, you know where your money is going, or better yet, who your money is going to. i would imagine that sometimes people give, only to recieve a thank you letter a few months later after the trip. the problem is that so much of the experience can be lost in the mailing of that one letter. this way i can relay to you (if and when we have the opportunity to get on a computer) what God is doing in ireland and in me, when He's doing it. and as my supporter and friend, you have that right. or at least, i think you have that right.

so that's what this is set to be. i'll do everything i can to be on here regularly, being honest to you in the joys and anxieties, before and during this incredible, exhaustive, frightening experience.

in His peace and love.

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Peter said...

So...i definitely told you I was going to comment all of your posts. i'm sorry, but with school starting and all, I became somewhat sidetracked and didn't get a chance to start that. sorry.

anyways, i figured that the whole "better late than never" maxim would apply here. lol. Well, I started with this one simply 'cause it was your first one. hmmm...what to say...well, i didn't receive the financial letter thingy, so that part doesn't include me....ummm, i'm a writer too! lol....ok, so there really isn't a ton of stuff for me to comment on in this post. perhaps i should progress to the next one.